Young Franziska von Karma

Young Franziska von Karma


Character Name: Young Franziska von Karma

Character Series: Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

Completed: May 2010


About this Costume: I freaking love Miles Edgeworth. He is my favorite character of the Defense/Prosecution. When I heard there was a game coming out, I immediately pre-ordered it and played it as soon a I got it in. What I came to find was that Franziska in a younger incarnation was in one of the cases! I loved Little Fran so much that I just had to cosplay her! The jacket is made of black cotton twill and lined with silky black china lining. The jacket pattern was drafted by me and the buttons were bought at trim store in NYC. The brooch is made from sculpy. I’d really like to make the tights for the next time I wear this, as the tights I ordered were too thin and had to be worn over opaque skin colored tights. Just can’t trust the internet! All in all, though, this was a fun little costume to make to wear at Sakuracon on Friday!

Photos by me!

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