Young Ema Skye

Young Ema Skye



Character Name: Ema Skye

Character Series: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Completed: Summer 2010


About this Costume: EMA! I love Ema; she is one of my favourite recurring characters! And I just love Phoenix Wright in general! (Oooobviously…)┬áThe vest is double breasted and made of cotton twill and fully lined. The skirt is made from cotton twill also and the lines were hand painted on by me with fabric paint. The collared shirt was bought. The red bow is made of cotton poplin with the lines sewn on with ribbon. I drafted and sewed the purse myself and made the bias trim. The little Pink Princess was hand embroidered onto the bag. I made the sunglasses out of a pair of white sunglasses and a sheet of pink plastic. I’m really happy with how they turned out. I also made the badge myself. The buttons are made by the lovely Rogue over on ACP! The socks were ordered from Sock Dreams in order to match the exact color! All in all I’m very happy with this costume construction-wise and can’t wait to wear it again!

Photos by LJinto!




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