April May


April May


Character Name: April May

Character Series: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Completed: May, 2010

About this Costume: The jacket is made out of pink stretch cotton sateen and lined with china silk lining. It closes with a pink separating zipper that I had cut down for the jacket. The buttons velcro on top of jacket. I used velcro so I could turn them over for “mad” April May photos! The skirt is made from cotton twill and lined with china lining. The zipper is in the front because I’m a moron and put the slit on the wrong side initially. Whoops! I painted acrylic nails to match April May’s sprites and attached them via nail glue. The shoes were bought and the hearts were glued on. I resin cast all of the hearts and then painted them with gloss. The wig I have was SUPPOSED to be a lot longer than it is in the photos, but clearly it wasn’t! I’m sorry Phoenix Wright fans!!! I will get a new wig soon! I also made a silly little purse to match with leftover cotton sateen and lined it with leftover pink china lining. It has a super hilarious rhinestone that fits over the snap. It’s also pink. Of course. All in all, I really love this costume short of the wig, which I’m replacing. Ohhh Phoenix Wright! How I love you!

Photos by LJinto!

April May Image Gallery

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