Regina Berry

Regina Berry



Character Name: Regina Berry

Character Series: Phoenix Wright: Justice for All

Completed: May, 2010

About this Costume: The costume is made of stretch velvet. While it sounds atrocious, I opted for the most atrocious fabrics available seeing as Regina is in the circus. The leotard zips up in the back under the jacket. The jacket is lined with sparkle dot that Katetriss used for her cape for Max. Over 15 yards of stupid sequins are in this costume. I will never sew a sequin again. Sleeves are all cut individually and interfaced and sewn to the jacket. Boots are obviously boot covers with sequin trim attached to the top. Gloves also are made of stretch velvet with sequin trim sewn to the top. The buttons on the jacket and boots were spraypainted gold and then dipped in gold glitter. (lol) The crown is made of wonderflex and a hair comb. The gems on it are glitter blue. (I like glitter.) The hair is my own plus a hair piece. The wand originally was a little kid’s baton and two Disney princess frisbees that I paper mache’d and then wonderflex’d. It was then coated with resin and painted. The star on the wand is foamie to add to the three-dimensionality of the design. I love my wand! All in all, this costume was a nightmare and a joy. I will never make something as gaudy as this ever again. At least, I don’t THINK I can.

Photos by LJinto!

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