Maya Fey


Maya Fey


Character Name: Maya Fey

Character Series: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Completed: June, 2008

About this Costume: I love Maya! She’s kind of my favorite character eveeerr from Phoenix Wright! (Other than Regina!) This costume is made out of purple and off-white crepe. I picked it because I wore this costume in the dead of summer and it made the outfit much lighter! Also, I liked the way that it draped! The bow is reinforced with buckram and all of the seams are serged. The wig is made from a wig I bought from China and a package of black extensions. The ball is a styrofoam ball that was colored black and covered in the hair. The necklace is made of sculpy and painted. The write bands are made from suede cording. All in all I had the BEST TIME wearing this because I freaking love Maya.

Photos by Refractor Productions.


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