Lina Inverse

Lina Inverse
Character Name: Lina Inverse

Character Series: Slayers

Completed: September, 2012

About this Costume: ARRRGHHH! This costume was such a headache for so many reasons. Construction-wise, it was meticulously made, but the fit still makes me irritated. I’ll be fixing that when I’m no longer frustrated with it. The pants and jacket are made from stretch cotton sateen the jacket is fully lined, and all of the seams in the pants are serged for added security. The “bra” and panties are both lined and made from yellow spandex from Spandex World. The cape collar is interfaced with buckram and the cape itself is made from pink cotton and black crepe. The headband is made from textured cotton and closes with a small elastic piece in the back for a tight fit. The gloves and shoes are both vintage from etsy. The gloves are leather and the boots are suede. The belts are made from leather trim, with the gold design embroidered. The gems on the costume are all cast from resin by me. The pauldrons are made from craft foam, paper mache, and paperclay. The lip of the pauldrons are made from craft foam. The “settings” for the resin gems are also from craft foam. The sword is made from wood and slips into the second belt when I want to store it. The wig is from Epic Cosplay with bangs trimmed into it!


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