Lauren Paups

Lauren Paups

Character Name: Lauren Paups

Character Series: Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

Completed: June, 2010


About this Costume: Lollie! This was a fun project that I decided to make on a whim since I had leftover fabric. I really love Lauren in Investigations, especially her super cute crush on Edgeworth! The bandana is made from kona cotton that I painted using yellow fabric paint. The bottom is actually elastic rather than tie-around, since I will be wearing a wig with it. The apron is made of white cotton sateen and pre-pleated trim. The dress is a pattern I drafted myself. It’s made of Kona Cotton and Cotton Sateen. The sleeves are gathered and have two small buttons on the white band at the bottom of the sleeves like Lauren’s. The dress zips up the back. It’s unlined but all of the seams are serged.

Photos by me!



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