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Character Name: Luxanna “Lux” Crownguard

Character Series: League of Legends

Completed: April, 2014

About this Costume: Hello my name is Virginia and Lux is my spirit animal. For real, though, I adore Lux and the second I picked up League of Legends, I knew I had to cosplay her. The bodysuit is made from a separate leotard and pants pattern, and is hidden under the skirt and hip armor. The skirt and sleeves are made from double georgette silk, lined with china silk. The designs on the costume are pulled directly from the splash art and vinyl cut using a plotter. All of the armor is made from worbla. I used many steps to get the armor looking as smooth and non-grainy as it does. I started with a layer of wood filler, then gesso, then shellac. I sanded between each application. The armor was then primed and final painted. Highlights were added to the breastplate with an airbrush. The resin gems on the breast plate were cast by me. The staff topper was made by Cobheran Cosplay. I sewed the faux leather wrappings for it. There are a lot of things I want to fix up with this costume, but I really do love it. Lux is my homegirl.

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