Deedlit’s Classic Outfit


Character Name: Deedlit

Character Series: Record of Lodoss War

Completed: February, 2011

About this Costume: I ADORE DEEDLIT. She is seriously one of my favorite character EVER and I have such a great time wearing her. (Which is why I’ve worn her so many times!) Also, I didn’t use this image for making her but rather the images from the show. I just thought it would be neat to share a rare artbook image with you all for visiting the page! 🙂 Construction-wise, this was.. quite an interesting project! I used some leftover green cotton poplin for the dress, which zips up the back. The collar detailing is piping that was hand sewn into the pattern she has on her collar. The sleeves are made from a faux suede and tied off with real suede cording. The belts are made from leather and attached with gold clasp closures. I’m not sure what material the cape is, as I went to the fashion district and looked for the best looking colors with the best flow and found what I found! The blue part is crepe, but I’m not sure what the orange is. The armor is made of wonderflex, as are the gold details on the belt and the chain pieces across the armor. Version two of the armor was made by the oh-so-talented Lionboogy, and I could never make something as awesome! I owe him my life!

Photos by Jason, Lionboogy, Judy Stevens, LJinto, and SolarTempest!

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