Daenerys Stormborn(House of the Undying Dress)

Daenerys Stormborn

Character Name: Daenerys Stormborn(House of the Undying Dress)

Character Series: Game of Thrones

Completed: September, 2013

About this Costume: Good lord. This costume was more of a headache than I ever thought possible. The bodice is made of three layers. The top layer is dupioni silk that was hand painted to look like Dany’s strange fabric. The middle layer is duck cloth with steel boning. The lining layer is a matching pink taffeta. The trim around the bodice is hand-cut faux leather trim. The entire bodice zips up the side using a separating zipper. The top sash is made of faux suede with the edges all burned. The underskirt is also a faux suede that is burned. The leggings, which are difficult to see, are from sockdreams.net. The wig is a Sepia lace front wig styled by me. The leather bodice is made by the wonderful, talented people at ANW Leather. All in all I’m pretty happy with this costume, save for wanting to remake the top to be a more snug fit and to curve into the loin cloth.

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