Blood Moon Elise

Blood Moon Elise
Character Name: Blood Moon Elise

Character Series: League of Legends

Completed: March, 2015

About This Costume: This costume was quite a task!! The belt is four layers: Dupioni Silk, Fusible Quilt Batting, Duck Cloth, and Lining. The belt is boned and finished with handmade bias tape that matches the shirt. The designs were satin stitched onto the belt after being drawn by me. The raised look comes from the fusible batting in the middle. The shirt was hand drafted and zips up the side. Skirt trim is buttonholed holes, all completely finished. The mask and armor are all made of Insulation Foam and Worbla respectively. The rope belt is upholstery cording. Boot covers are drafted from scratch. Tattoos painted on using skin paints.


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