Anna from Frozen

Anna from Frozen
Character Name: Anna

Character Series: Frozen

Completed: March, 2014

About this Costume: Frozen was super cute and I just loved Anna’s personality and spunk. I made both the Anna AND the Elsa costume. They were a ton of work, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

Anna Costume: The top is made from velvet, with a pattern made by me. The bodice is lined and boned, and the designs are embroidered on the bodice and sleeves. The skirt is made from wool, with the designs embroidered onto the skirt. The bottom pattern is top stitched onto the wool skirt. The undershirt was bought and altered. The wig is a long, banged with that was criss-cross weaved in the back and pulled into pigtails. The white streak was stitched into the wig using fibers from the Elsa costume.

Elsa Costume: The top is made from dupioni silk, and is fully boned and lined, including a duck cloth middle layer. The top is covered with vinyl squares that were hand-cut and attached to the costume. The entire bodice was then painted with a gloss layer with glitter mixed into it. The skirt is made from spandex. The undershirt is sheer spandex, serged and zigzag stitched for extra security. The top is decorated with numerous rhinestones in her pattern from the film. The cape is made from iridescent organza, and snaps onto the bodice. The snowflakes are vinyl cut and ironed onto the cape.

Photos by Danny Gorman Photography.

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