Angel Starr

Angel Starr



Character Name: Angel Starr

Character Series: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Completed: May, 2012


About this Costume: The cough-up queen!! The necklace is made from sculpy sewn onto ribbon. The dress pattern was drafted by me and sewn out of duchess satin. The fuzzy coat was also made entirely by me. The hat is actually a Styrofoam ring with a cardboard top that was then covered with fabric. The onigiri are stuffed and wrapped in a seaweed-looking vinyl. The lunch boxes are actually Disney Princess puzzles painstakingly wrapped with paper, ribbon, and rope. I was never a very good wrapper, so I was pretty proud of how they turned out! The fabric in the basket matches the hat. I bought the basket from Hobby Lobby on clearance. All in all I’m pretty content with how this turned out!

Photos by Oscar C. Photography!




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