Amano Terra

Tera Branford

Character Name: Terra Branford

Character Series: Final Fantasy VI

Completed: November, 2009

About this Costume: Ooookay where to begin? I’ll start with the capes, I suppose! There are three layers of capes to this costume. The simplest is the orange cape made of tangerine taffeta with a long gold fringe trim. It is the middle layer cape. The most visible cape is the pink and white “sleeve” cape. The sleeve cape was cut into a bell shape from white cotton sateen. The edges were finished using a rolled hem and then the ends were dip dyed. The collar of the cape is made of the dyed cotton sateen with gold bias outline and keeps its shape with buckram. The pink cape is held in place by the shoulder pieces. The most complicated cape is the sequin cape, dip dyed in pink dye. The flowers on the cape were cut out of white cotton sateen and each individually dyed for a watercolor effect. Then, the flowers were hand sewn onto the cape and the exterior of the flowers were then beaded. The hair pieces, not shown in this photo, consist of four layers. There are two chiffon layers with beaded trim, a peach dupioni silk layer embroidered with flowers and swirly designs, and a cotton sateen layer dip dyed in purple with two different trims attached. The hair elastic is made up of a braid of three different fabrics from the costume, all finished with a rolled hem and sewn to an elastic band to go around the ponytail. The dress is made of red cotton sateen and lined with purple taffeta. The dress is fully boned and the design on the bodice is embroidered. The trim at the top is a sewn on gold embroidered ribbon trim. The back of the dress is eyeletted. The hand pieces are embroidered with beaded outlines and gold bias trim was hand sewn around the outside. The hand pieces are also eyeletted. The white tights were made by me and painted while I wore them by katetriss. The purple belt is dupioni silk with a decorative stitch around the bottom with attached beaded trim. It is eyeletted in the back, along with the red belt. The red belt is made from red pleather with gold bias trim. The gem in the center of the belt buckle was resin cast by me and katetriss. The purple cording around the red belt has two ends of beaded loops and tassels. The shoulder pieces were beaded and sewn with buckram on the inside for shape. Gold bias was added to the exterior. The boot covers were patterned by me and Katetriss, and while you can’t see the back, there is a beaded trim down the back seam of the boots. The boots are painted purple and the heels are painted gold. The sword was made by me and Lokipunk. He cut it out with the jigsaw and I painted and embellished it. It’s made out of wood. The earrings are discs of real coral that I bought at M&J Trimmings with some lovely teardrop beads above them. The bracelets are made of purple cording and pink and white seed beads. The clasps of the bracelets are very fancy gold closures that I got for 59 cents at Toho Shouji in Manhattan. I love them! They are so elegant and holy crap were they cheap! I think that’s it! WHEW! If you made it through all of that, I’m impressed! All in all, I loved making this and can’t wait to add onto it! UPDATED! I added and tweaked some things for the second time I wore this costume! First, I resized the dress. Another update for this costume was the addition of two new belts. I made a yellow belt of raindrop fabric with taffeta trim for the bottom layer of belts as well as a zebra print belt with hand sewn gold bias and gold coin trim. I also added a dagger and dagger sheath that attaches to the red pleather belt. The sheath was made of the yellow raindrop fabric and lined with zebra print fabric. The trim at the top of the sheath is a beautiful beaded trim that I found online. The dagger was hand painted with a purple hilt and a silver blade. The new wig is made up of two wigs. There is a short wig in the front with a ponytail hair piece that is almost two feet long. All in all I am FINALLY pretty happy with this costume!

Photos by LJinto and Lionboogy!

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