About Me


10750448_852738554776273_703556678617413636_oName: Virginia

Age: 27

Location: Atlanta, GA

Birthday: July 22nd

Favorite Song of Ice and Fire Character: Jaime Lannister

Favorite Bioware Character: Edwin Odesseiron

Xbox Live Gamertag: Blonde Cylon

League of Legends Summoner Name: Toastersix

Hi! If you somehow stumbled upon my page and don’t know who I am, welcome! If you know who I am, this will likely be a rehash of a bunch of crap you already know. So, my name is Virginia and I like to dress up in silly outfits on the weekends. By day, I work for an events management firm planning food and beverage events across the United States. I have two cats whose names are Sansa and Meera, and an Australian Shepherd named Summer. I’m just a nerd who loves to do this for fun. I am obsessed with Korean BBQ and BTS and my favorite game ever is Baldur’s Gate II. (League of Legends is a close second!) I think that is all of the important stuff! Thanks for stopping by!